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PROPERTY TRANSACTION TUESDAY “MOLD” TALK: Next Month Marks 1 Yr TX Winter Storm URI Anniversary

Author: Jp Woodward |

Blog by Protective Environmental Engineering Services, Inc. (PEESI Engineering)

This week next month will mark the 1 Year Anniversary of Texas Winter Strom URI. Clearance Certificates 100% Helped Maintain a Properties Value.

Many properties have completed their build back process. However, there are still properties which have not completed the full build back process. There are many similarities between Hurricane Harvey & Texas Winter Storm URI which will be anticipated.

To this day, we are still servicing properties dating back to Hurricane Harvey almost 5 years ago. We anticipate the same with Texas Winter Storm URI.

Many properties will have to disclose at sale if a property sustained water damage from any previous storm or plumbing leaks.

We have you covered!

We have dealt with properties sustaining water damage from all water events.
Whether you’re listing, selling or buying a property, we conduct an array of services to diagnose a property in order to uphold the value or make sure the investment of a property is sound.

For All Mold, Water Damage, IAQ Health & Property Transaction Needs, look to Protective Environmental Engineering Services, Inc- PEESI Engineering:

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- Indoor Air Quality Checks: Health & Wellness
- Expert Witness & Forensic Engineering


Protective Environmental Engineering Services, Inc. (PEESI Engineering) - BBB Award for Excellence
Protective Environmental Engineering Services, Inc. (PEESI Engineering) - BBB Award for Excellence