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Forensic Engineering is the application of engineering principles to the investigations of cause, origin, and extent of damage from failures or system performance problems. Sometimes they are designated as “Grace of God” failures but can be usually be attributed to “probable or most likely” causes or events of system, materials, design, and operation failures which have or may lead to loss.

As a licensed professional engineering firm, PEESI has been active in determining the cause, origin, and extent of damage of water loss events. We have studied and prepared Engineering Reports of Findings on water damage and source(s) of loss in hundreds of homes since 1996. These losses usually are the result of roof and plumbing leaks, window and flashing failures, flood, air conditioning and systems problems. Many involved insurance and legal action. We have completed assignments as both owner, plaintiff, and defense experts.

Our clients, attorneys, and insurance communities ask us to prepare loss analysis evaluations and support for residential, commercial, educational, governmental, and support facilities. This includes design and loss avoidance in hundreds of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs). We are happy to discuss most aspects of water, moisture, and humidity loss and loss avoidance with you.

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