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PROPERTY TRANSACTION TUESDAY "MOLD" TALK (1 Minute Read). Keep a Closing on Track w/ a Registered Professional Engineering Firm.

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Blog by Protective Environmental Engineering Services, Inc. (PEESI Engineering)

Indoor Air Quality & Mold Concerns are typically questioned through the Disclosure Process.

A Major Topic is to Disclose if a Property was in a "Declared Disaster Area".

Unfortunately, after Winter Storm URI, this includes Nearly Every Property in Texas. Several Questions to Consider:

- Did the Property ever Sustain Damage from a Previous Event?

- If so, Was Remediation Done Correctly?

- Is there Documentation to Back Up Proper Remediation from any Previous Water Occurrence?

- Did a Previous Water Event affect Indoor Air Quality?

- What Factors from a Previous Event might affect the Property Value?

- How can a Property Owner Protect their Future Value?

- How Can a Buyer Protect their Purchase and Future Indoor Living Conditions?

One of the Highest Levels of Protection is a Written Clearance Report Provided by a Registered Engineering Firm w/ Over 25 Years of Experience & Over 20,000 Mold Assessments.

Allow Protective Environmental Engineering Services, Inc- PEESI Engineering to provide Guidance for Pre-Listing and Purchase Agreements.



Protective Environmental Engineering Services, Inc. (PEESI Engineering) - BBB Award for Excellence
Protective Environmental Engineering Services, Inc. (PEESI Engineering) - BBB Award for Excellence