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PROPERTY TRANSACTION “MOLD”: Summer Series 6 Months Since Texas Winter Storm URI- UPDATE

Author: Jp Woodward |

Blog by Protective Environmental Engineering Services, Inc. (PEESI Engineering)

As we begin to see many more homes fully built back, many haven’t been as fortunate to begin the build back process. There are many reasons for this.

Winter Storm URI will significantly affect Property Transactions in the future. The wide footprint this storm caused, it will nearly be routine to have an Indoor Air Quality Check or a Mold Inspection preformed at some point; Pre-Listing or Pre-Closing.

Winter Storm URI presented many different challenges & obstacles unlike what we have seen in Over 20 Years.

Indoor Air Quality is a TOP SELLING POINT for your listing, but don’t just let anyone provide a mold inspection for your buyer either.

Let the Experts get your Property Transaction to Closing:

  • Pre- Listing Services
  • Post- Property Contract Agreement Services
  • Water Damage Related Issues & Protocols
  • Water Damage Clearances w/ Professional Engineering Stamp
  • Indoor Air Quality Checks: Health & Wellness
  • Expert Witness & Forensic Engineering

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