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Residential Mold Inspection & Testing

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Peesi Engineering offers a wide range of residential services, including comprehensive mold evaluations. During our microbiological testing process, we perform bulk, swab air and moisture testing to determine the extent of your mold issue and provide you with a clear picture of what will need to be done to rectify the problem.

In addition, we provide leak inspections to determine the source of a prospective issue and we will provide you with HVAC reports to make sure your system is not the source of the problem. We’ll identify any hazards and provide you with the reports you need for insurance purposes, including but not limited to repair scope of work reports, vacated and continuing occupancy reports and clearance inspections.

Ultimately, we’ll determine the root cause of your mold problem and evaluate the extent of the damage. But we will not leave it at that; we’ll also provide you with straightforward recommendations so you can begin to repair or rebuild your home and live comfortably in it once again.

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Peesi Engineering has completed thousands of residential water damage and mold assessments over the past 20 years. You can also rely on us to take care of content recovery, personal protection, and safety issues. Whether your home has been damaged by flooding, has mold damage from a pesky leak or has some other fungal contamination issue, we’ll provide you with an expert and comprehensive report, and the recommendations you need to correct the issue.

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Microbiological testing | Bulk, swab, and air testing | Moisture testing | Leak inspections | HVAC reports | Air quality surveys | Repair scope of work reports | Hazard identification | Vacated and continuing occupancy reports | Clearance inspections and certificates

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Protective Environmental Engineering Services, Inc. (PEESI Engineering) - BBB Award for Excellence
Protective Environmental Engineering Services, Inc. (PEESI Engineering) - BBB Award for Excellence